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RPGs from GDW and More

From 1973 to 2017 and beyond

1. 1973-1977. We started as GDW Game Designers' Workshop, publishing wargames for education and recreation, in idyllic Normal, Illinois. Ultimately, we published one new title every 22 days for 22 years.

2. 1977-1996. We expanded into role-playing games with Traveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD, Dark Conspiracy, and more.

3. 1996-2017. Ultimately, we closed down GDW and the staff went their separate ways; FFE Far Future Enterprises picked up some of the responsibilities and now publishes Traveller (currently T5 the fifth edition) as well as CDROM versions of older Traveller and other RPGs.

The original sign for GDW haning above the office door at 203-1/2 North Street in Normal, Illinois.
The Original GDW Team
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Marc Miller

Traveller, 2300 AD.

Science Fiction Games. Europa. Wargames. Naval Games.

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Loren Wiseman

editor, JTAS

Ancients. Traveller. Twilight: 2000.

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Rich Banner

Art Director

Europa. System 7 Napoleonics.

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Frank Chadwick

Twilight: 2000, Space: 1889.

Europa. Assault. Third World War.