:HEADER Express Courier Express Boat X-AU04, TL 13, 100 tons, MCr 54.3
Constructed using the 100 ton hull, the express boat is fitted with drives producing jump-4, but no maneuver drive. Fuel tankage is sufficient for one jump. The cramped bridge is complemented by a Model/4 computer.

The ship has two staterooms; one is necessary for the single crew member, while the other can carry a passenger. More often, the pilot uses the second room for additional living space.

There is a one ton cargo bay which is occasionally used to carry vital cargo such as vaccines or sophisticated repair parts.

The ship carries no weapons or hardpoints.

It is equipped with Jump drive-B and a Modified Power Plant-C, and carries sufficient fuel for one Jump-4, and 1 month of operations. Note that the ship when in Jump space can effectivly operate in low power mode thanks to the minimal systems needs and Fusion+ distributed power system.

Transfer pumps enable double jumps via detachable drop tanks, which the X-boat service produces in a 'standard' 100 ton size to enable quick refueling and jump procedures for the normal X-boat fleet if the tender itself is too busy to dock with the X-boat.

The extremely advanced surface communicator is used to tight-beam sensitive encrypted communications to pre-set system 'listening posts' bypassing the need to pass these messages through the X-boat tender crews.


:DATA Vol No Label MCr Notes ----- -- ------------------------------ ----- ------------------------------ 100 Unstreamlined Hull, lifters 6 U, lifters 50 Jump Fuel (5 parsecs) 0 J5, 10t/pc 4 Plant Fuel (one month) 0 one month 0 Jump Grid 1 -0.5 No Landers 0 1 Fuel Transfer Pumps 1 0 AV=15. 1 Rad Plate 0 0.5 Crew Shared Fresher 0.5 4 crew 0.5 Medical Console 0.5 4 Computer Model/4 std 18 4 2 Crew Stateroom 0.2 1 crew 1 Life Support 1 6 Crew Lounge 0 15 Jump Drive-4 (B) 15 J 4 7 PowerPlant-4 (B) 7 P 4 0 DS Surf Communicator 3.5 1.5 Cargo Hold Basic 0 6 Spacious Controls 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 TOTALS 54