:HEADER Alternate Courier Disguised High Performance Express Boat X2-AU06, TL 15, 100 tons, MCr 66.2
The XQ-Boat is externally identical to the much more common Jump-4 X-Boat, but is used by the clandestine intelligence services of the Third Imperium to deliver critical messages as fast as possible, often bypassing nodes along a jump route. The existence of such ships is not public knowledge.

Cramped and uncomfortable, the 100 ton unstreamlined ship is operated by a single crewman from the bridge which is located essentially within the engine room. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model 5/bis. Life support is sufficient for 40 person-days. A second niche accommodates a non-standard passenger. If physical cargo must be moved it will be stowed in the crew lounge.

The ship carries no weapons or hardpoints.

It is equipped with Jump Drive-C and a Modified Power Plant-C, and carries sufficient fuel for one Jump-6, and 15 days of operations. Note that the ship when in Jump space can effectively operate in low power mode thanks to the minimal systems needs and Fusion+ distributed power system.

Transfer pumps enable double jumps via detachable drop tanks, which the X-boat service produces in a 'standard' 100 ton size 'To enable quick refueling and jump procedures for the normal X-boat fleet if the tender itself is too busy to dock with the X-boat'. The advanced surface communicator is used to tight-beam sensitive encrypted communications to pre-set system 'listening posts' bypassing the need to pass these messages through the X-boat tender crews.


:DATA Vol No Label MCr Notes ----- -- ------------------------------ ----- ------------------------------ 100 Unstreamlined Hull, lifters 6 U, lifters 60 Jump Fuel (6 parsecs) 0 J6, 10t/pc 3.3 Plant Fuel (0.5 months) 0 0.5 months 0 Jump Grid 1 -0.5 No Landers 0 1 Fuel Transfer Pumps 1 20 Jump Drive-6 (C) 20 J 6 5 Mod PowerPlant-6 (C) 5 P 6 0 AV=15. 1 Rad Plate 0 0.5 Crew Shared Fresher 0.5 4 crew 0 Short Term Life Support 0 0 Ult DS Surf Communicator 15 2.5 Mod Computer Model/5 bis 16.5 0.5 Medical Console 0.5 2 Crew Lounge 0 2 2 Spacer Niche 0.2 1 crew 4 Standard Controls 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 TOTALS 66