:HEADER Corvette Zhdits EB-DS64, TL 13, 400 tons, MCr 257.1
The Zhdits class corvette (destroyer/escort) is an outdated Zhodani design based upon a failed tactical concept. It is fitted with the Tliv type H4-hx jump drive, the RTBN Model M.65 maneuver drive, and the Frietev PL PP78 power plant, giving performance of Jump-4 and 6G acceleration. Attached to the bridge is a Model/5fib computer. There are four hardpoints, armed with triple turret beam lasers. The Zhdits has a crew of 12: three officers and nine ratings. There is no cargo space, no passenger space, and no ship's troops. The ship is streamlined.

Originally intended to fulfill a totally offensive role working in concert with larger military ships, planners felt that the ship could survive contact long enough to see the enemy defeated. This proved to be wishful thinking; many Zhdits class ships were lost in combat during the Fourth Frontier War. Lacking adequate armor, they were easy targets for Imperial fighters and SDBs, and could not effectively screen the larger ships, making them more of a liability than an asset.

Only some 200 Zdhits class corvettes remain in Zhodani service, with others scattered among client states. The Zhodani tend to employ them in small patrol squadrons near Consulate borders with the Vargr Extents and rimward clients. In combat, Zhdits class corvettes are now held back to protect other ships with anti-missile laser fire.


:DATA Vol No Label MCr Notes ----- -- ------------------------------ ----- ------------------------------ 400 Streamlined Hull, lifters 30 S, lifters 160 Jump Fuel (4 parsecs) 0 J4, 40t/pc 12 Plant Fuel (0.5 months) 0 0.5 months 4 Landing legs with pads 4 4 Flotation hull 4 45 Jump Drive-4 (H) 45 J 4 37 PowerPlant-6 (M) 37 P 6 1 Fuel Scoops 0.1 1 Life Support Standard 1 10 person-months 12 3 Officer Stateroom 0.3 1 crew 10 Semi-Organic Model/5 fib 40.5 16 AV=26. 2 Blast Plate 0 2 LR Ant Communicator 2.5 2 LR Ant Neutrino Detector 2.5 2 LR Ant EMS 2.5 16 4 G T3 Beam Laser 34 18 9 Crew Stateroom 0.9 1 crew 23 Maneuver Drive-6 (M) 46 6 G 20 5 Crew Lounge 0 1.5 3 Crew Shared Fresher 1.5 4 crew 0.5 Air Lock 0.1 0 AR Surf Scope 1.5 0 AR Surf Stealth Mask 1.5 0 AR Surf Jammer 1.5 12 Spacious Controls 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 399 TOTALS 256