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How to use the generator

Syllables : Enter the number of syllables that you wish each word to have in this box. Entering 0 (or less) will generate a random length that will be the same for all the words (not a random length for each individual word).

Phrase Count : Enter the number of words or phrases you wish to generate.

Phrase Length : Enter the number of words per phrase.

Consonant-only start and end: When selected, this will cause each generated word to start and end in consonants only, which is a property of most verb stems.

Capitalize : When selected, this will cause each word to start with a capital letter, otherwise all the letters in the words will be lowercase.

Mark Syllables : When selected, this will separate syllables with a period (".").

Orthography : When selected, this will generate words using the single-character alternate orthography:
          sh -> 
          kh -> h
          aa -> 
          ii -> 
          uu -> 
          ee ->  (for non-Vilani languages)

Starting sequence : Enter in here any characters which you wish all the results to start with. Note that the generator will still create other words, it just won't bother displaying them. The more common the starting sequence, then the quicker the desired number of words will be generated. E.g. a starting sequence of 'sh' will enable 10 words to be generated quite quickly, whereas a sequence 'pur' will take much longer to generate.

Maximum iterations : This field has been included in attempt to limit the time that the computer will be 'locked up' for while generating words. If it wasn't included, then having a rare or impossible to generate starting sequence may cause the computer (or the browser at least) to enter an infinite loop while attempting to generate the required number of words. The default of 500 should be a reasonably short length of time. (Generating 100 3-syllable words with a start sequence of 'sh', and maximum iterations equal to 500 takes about 4.5 seconds on a P200 with IE4)

Generate : Click on the generate button to start the process. Note that if other words have already been generated, then the new words will be added to the end of the list.

Clear : Clicking this button will remove all the previously generated words from the text area.

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