Welcome to Traveller5! the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game system. Traveller has been a standard in the role-playing game field since 1977, pioneering such innovations as skills, tasks, creation systems, and our intriguing universe of the far future and the fabled interstellar empire of the Third Imperium.
  Traveller5 is the latest (and ultimate) edition of the Traveller system: more than ten years in the making, it refines tried-and-true rules systems while introducing new concepts that break new ground while making game play easier and always interesting.

  We have exciting things happening in the Traveller universe in coming months, and we invite you to keep up-to-date through the Citizens of the Imperium forums. There is more information about subscribing here.
  Or, you can go directly to the COTI forums here.

  Traveller Errata. The reality is that there are always mistakes, typographical errors, incomprehensibles, and obscurities in published works, and this is true of the published core rules. We have assembled a current Errata for the Core Rules (available here). We are currently at work inserting this information into the electronic files.

  When the insertion is complete, the updated rules will be available under our continuing update policy: we'll make the revision available (at no charge) via coupon through DriveThruRPG. A revised and updated CDROM will be available through our website: free with any order; or available alone for a nominal shipping charge.
  Everyone's first wish is that everything is perfect the first time out. Failing that, we think our policy is the best around: tracking and inserting errata; providing updated files when they are finished (at no cost; or at nominal shipping cost). But there's more: when we reprint on paper, current holders of the Book can get the update at cost plus shipping.

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