Welcome to the universe of the Far Future! Far Future Enterprises, as the successor to Game Designers’ Workshop, publishes reprints of the classic role-playing game systems originally produced by GDW: Traveller (as well as many of its licensed support materials), 2300 AD, Twilight: 2000, and Dark Conspiracy. We work closely with other publishers (Mongoose, Steve Jackson Games, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG ) who publish their own versions of our products under license from FFE.

And there’s a universe of online support: the Traveller Wiki, TravellerMap (for great star charts) and its companion Traveller Worlds (for great world maps), the Citizens of the Imperium discussion boards, and more.

OUR CONTINUING 443 SALE! Order any 4 CDROMS and we’ll rebate $35 as a PayPal refund (the reprogramming logic is otherwise unfathomable): you’re getting four CDROMs for the price of three.